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Our Clients say

"Arquites is a genuine meeting, which becomes a stronger relationship with every brick of confidence laid down. Very much ‘intuitu personae’, this approach offers a ‘bouncing wall’ which enables to grow by our own means capitalizing on a ‘favorable wind’ initiated by arquites."


"Arquites demonstrated a unique capability to address the human dimension while keeping a strong focus on the business"


"The nature of Arquites interventions reinforced everyone’s engagement to execute our strategy and to reach more demanding targets. HumanTrack survey enabled us to really identify the underlying issues in our organization and thus to improve our global organization"


"The professionalism of your facilitation created the needed platform for an open dialog across our organization. This dialog is critical for identifying the key issues to improve our leadership and management practices "


"The simultaneous coaching of our General Manager and Management Team by two coaches has enabled them to acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to successfully conduct the major changes they were facing"


"I vividly recommend you to any Company that will be willing to reinforce its employee engagement"


"Your active listening, the quality of your responses, the theories presented and your feedback contributed to enlighten us during our yearly management seminar. Our multicultural team has incorporated this action in our continuous progresses from the past actions towards the present and future ones"


"Your expertise in coaching new senior managers has helped accelerate their ability to establish key relationships, mobilize their teams, and drive business results.  Our Executives have been very pleased with the outcome of your work"