• Principles of action

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High integrity, respect and value-add

  • We agree with our Clients the frame of reference and desired objectives
  • We ensure confidentiality and other protections
  • We consider the person (or group of persons) with whom we work as being part of a global system (corporation or institution) and we work with the persons and the groups in the interest of the whole system
  • We use all our professional expertise and experience when working with persons and groups in relation to the addressed issues
  • We inform our Clients when issues are out of our fields of competences. In this case, we recommend other professionals
  • We ensure continuous supervision of our works, in particular when the Clients’ issues bring us to our own difficulties
  • We explain the fundamental theories of the processes we use
  • We refuse to work with a Client out of the strict compliance of international laws or when the intervention does not ensure the respect of the persons
  • We leave the accountability of operational decisions to our Clients
  • We continuously inform and train ourselves about the latest developments in our professional fields of expertise